Health is happiness

Bringing profound healing to the people of Adelaide

Health is happiness

Bringing profound healing to the people of Adelaide

Claudia Veith-Skinner

Owner of Magill Homoeopathic Clinic

With a passion for Homoeopathy that creates potent and effective remedies for a series of health problems, Claudia has been bringing profound healing to the people of Adelaide to help them live healthier and happier lives. The culmination of over twenty-one years experience in the Homoeopathy field, Claudia’s primary goal is to provide safe and natural treatments using gentle remedies that help people overcome the health challenges in their lives. Combining a passion for Classical Homoeopathy and Tissue Salts with a special interest in women and children's health, Claudia’s Magill clinic is established in Adelaide.

Committed to finding high-quality, yet affordable homoeopathic remedies clients can use with confidence. With a holistic approach to Homoeopathy, Claudia also offers herbal mixtures and supplements to remedy a range of different illnesses and skin conditions, alongside a range of physical treatments to effectively target and alleviate pain. Claudia is proud to have helped improve the quality of life for many, with over twenty years of satisfying the community throughout Adelaide, remains as committed as ever to finding and providing natural health remedies that truly make a difference.

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Homoeopathy is a therapy based on the principle of like curing like to stimulate a healing response. While the principle was known even by Hippocrates, it was not until the late 1700’s that Dr Samuel Hahnemann researched and applied the principle.

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Metabolic Balance Coach

A disconnect between the type of food your body needs and the type of food it is getting can result in ill health and a decline in quality of life. As a metabolic balance coach, Claudia assists in resetting the equilibrium between your personal ‘body chemistry’ and the ‘food chemistry’ that your body needs to function.

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Natural Fertility

As a trained natural fertility expert, Claudia offers consultations and treatment for women and couples looking to take control of their reproductive health. Through the use of homoeopathic remedies and supplements we aim to correct the hormonal cycle of women.

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The holistic approach to wellness based on the concept that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself, naturopathy focuses on the healing powers of the natural world alongside gentle therapeutic techniques.

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Access Bars Session

Is a very nurturing and effective way to relax. There are 32 points on the head, which when gently touched, release over time all the thoughts and feelings and emotions that keep you stuck in life, that keep you repeating the same patterns over and over again.

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Happy Mouth Certified

Founded by Tom Kulso, an American dentist. It is a generative, energetic dentistry system. which includes holding points on the head, hands on body processes and clearings. In order to fully activate all systems the points need to be stimulated..

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1What should I expect in my first session?
A typical first session will involve establishing a full homoeopathic history. The patient is encouraged to tell his or her entire story, taking into account all aspects of their life to determine the best treatment plan. You should expect to be asked about;

  • The purpose of your visit: What ailments you are experiencing. When you experience them. The extent they cause you suffering.
  • The characteristics of your life: Your dietary likes and dislikes. Your sleep patterns. The defining characteristics of your daily life.
  • How you function in the world: Your level of cognitive function. Your responses to stress. Your interactions with family and friends.
  • Your personality: Whether you are timid, aggressive, conservative or other. These may feel confronting but will help build the most appropriate treatment plan.
  • Your family history: A history of family health issues. Your personal health background. A history of the use of alternate medications and therapeutic modalities.

The combination of these will build your personal profile. It is this holistic approach, understanding each ailment as it exists within your whole being, that the process of healing will occur. Like a detailed story with many chapters, your individual healing will occur over time.
2What do homoeopathic remedies involve?
Dealing with long-term or persistant health concerns can be daunting. Claudia has a focus on gentle and affordable options to ensure long-term success and wellbeing. The art of homoeopathy comes from synthesizing all your personal details, known as a “remedy portrait”, that is most likely to improve your health.

Having provided a dose of the indicated remedy, it is a matter of waiting to assess the results. Depending on the nature of the ailment and of the patient, it may be necessary to schedule follow-up visits in the weeks and months following your first dose.
3How long will it take to improve my health?
Unfortunately, there is no direct timeline at which homoeopathic remedies will help you. Each individual case will be dictated by the circumstances of the patient. However, Claudia offers a range of supplements and dietary aids to help the process. In addition, Claudia also provides metabolic balance services and Access Consciousness Bar Sessions.
4What prices do you offer?
Claudia is proud to offer affordable homoeopathic remedies.

The price of an initial consultation (90 minutes) - $130

Each subsequent visit (45 minutes) - $90
5Do you offer health rebates?
Health fund rebates are available.

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